To educate and prepare student-anglers for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through organized interscholastic sport fishing education and competition.

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Name:  Haynes R.

School:  Union Academy

Grade:  Ninth

Favorite Subject(s):  Social Studies and Science

Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Mills

Hometown:  Monroe, NC

Family:  Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister

Hobbies:  Fishing, Hunting, Basketball

Started Fishing At Age Of:  Five

Years Fishing:  Nine

Your Fishing Influence:  Dad

Largest Fish Caught To Date:  30.00 Pound Catfish

Most Memorable Fishing Moment:  Catching My First Bass

Favorite Fishing Rod:  Skeeter Custom Made (Elite Eight)

Favorite Fishing Reel:  Abu Garcia Black Max

Favorite Fishing Line:  Suffix

Favorite Fishing Hook:  Eagle Claw

Favorite Fishing Lure:  Rooster Tail

Favorite Target Species:  Bass

Favorite Fishing Technique:  Move and Cover A Lot Of Water; Not Too Fast

Favorite Fishing Waters:  Ponds and Lakes

Fishing Strength:  Knowing Where To Go

Fishing Weakness:  Knowing What To Fish

What Do You Plan To Do After Graduating From School:  My Ultimate Goal Is To Become A Professional Athlete

Scholastic Anglers Accomplishments:  Earned A Spot In The 2015-2016 Scholastic Anglers Elite Eight, Consistent In Catching Bass At The Events For The Scholastic Anglers Tournament Series.  Has The Tough Task Of Balancing Traditional Sports With Interscholastic Sport Fishing.  Up Towards The Top Of The Scholastic Anglers Challenge Leader Board For The Current 2016-2017 School Year And Season.