To educate and prepare student-anglers for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through organized interscholastic sport fishing education and competition.

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Name:  Lucas M.

School:  Arborbrook Christian Academy

Grade:  Eighth

Favorite Subject:  Science

Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Sword's Writing Workshop

Hometown:  Matthews, NC

Family:  The M. Clan

Hobbies:  Legos And Playing Video Games

Started Fishing At Age Of:  Nine

Years Fishing:  Four

Your Fishing Influence (Person):  Jeremy Fishing Pro

Largest Fish Caught To Date:  Twelve Inch Snapper

Most Memorable Fishing Moment:  Kissing Every Baby Shark Caught At The Beach

Favorite Fishing Rod:  _________________

Favorite Fishing Reel:  Shakespeare

Favorite Fishing Line:  Braided

Favorite Fishing Hook:  ________________

Favorite Fishing Lure:  Rapala

Favorite Target Species:  Fresh Water, Small Mouth Bass; Salt Water, Snapper

Favorite Fishing Technique:  Jigging

Favorite Fishing Waters:  My Neighborhood Lake And The Ocean

Fishing Strength:  Persistence

Fishing Weakness:  Impatience

What Do You Plan To Do After Graduating From School:  Become A Marine Biologist

Scholastic Anglers Accomplishments:  Bringing Two Bass To The Scales At The Most Recent November Scholastic Anglers Tournament Series Event.