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Jigging Hemispheres 


Let's use all the hemispheres of our brain to warm up and get present for great fishing. 

Here we are setting ourselves up mentally, physically, and emotionally for a great day on the water. 

You Need:  ten minutes and a fishing rod with a lure on it. 


Step 1: 

  1. Stand outside comfortably and spread your feet as wide as your shoulders are. 

  2. Look forward at the tip of your rod. Holding your rod in your right hand, you will begin to carefully and intentionally jig the rod lightly with control, counting to ten. 

  3. Pause between each set of ten. Do this three times in a row for a total of thirty jigs. 

  4. Pause briefly, switch hands, using your left hand repeat the steps above.


Step 2:


  1. Choose a mantra, or a personal saying to yourself, repeat it in your head ten times. A mantra for you will be about you and your fishing day you are about to have. IE: “today i will be successful in all of my efforts.” or “ fish will come to me today effortlessly”, or “ I am confident that whatever comes my way today i can handle it”. Choose a positive and short mantra so you can remember it easily throughout the day.

  2. Now we will repeat the exercise above with the mantra added. 

  3. Pick up your fishing rods and begin again with the right hand and then the left, follow the steps above as you carefully jig the rod thirty times and as you are also repeating your mantra silently. Repeat as often as you can while jigging your rods, there is no time limit.


Step 3:


  1. Pause briefly and reposition your body so that your feet are closer together than before. You will repeat this exercise one more time, now you will stand on only one foot at a time. It will be the opposite foot to the one holding your rod. You will also say your mantra out loud now while jigging. Jig on one foot saying your mantra out loud to yourself.

  2. Remember there is no time limit here, and your speed will improve with each practice. It is recommended that you use this tool each time before fishing. With regular use, you will learn to center yourself, get focused, and stay present and relaxed out there. 


clm, 2020