To educate and prepare student-anglers for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through organized interscholastic sport fishing education and competition.

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Scholastic Anglers is a federal 501 (c) (3)   nonprofit organization formed to provide interscholastic sport fishing education and competition to the student-anglers in our schools; grades six through twelve.  Scholastic Anglers is the showcase of interscholastic sport fishing recognizing student-anglers who excel in the sport of fishing and in the classroom.  Scholastic Anglers is an exciting sport fishing program that turns the traditional sport of fishing into an interscholastic contest!  Scholastic Anglers serves multiple schools and multiple student-anglers, teachers, and parents.  

Scholastic Anglers provides support for schools in establishing school-specific sport fishing programs, clubs, and/or teams.  Schools, teachers, and students now have a resource to utilize sport fishing as an alternative to traditional sporting, athletic, and club activities.  Your school's Scholastic Anglers Program is an activity-based program that implements the multifaceted arena of sport fishing and integrates it into an interscholastic venue.  Scholastic Anglers will add value to your overall education program, reaching student-anglers from a totally new, innovative, and unique approach.  See It...Believe It...Teach It!

Scholastic Anglers organizes sport fishing at the school level and generates the schedule for the Scholastic Anglers Challenge, Scholastic Anglers Workshops, the Scholastic Anglers Tournament Series, and the Scholastic Anglers Championship for each academic year.  Scholastic Anglers provides the educational community with resources, assistance, and guidance for planning, implementing, and maintaining a school specific sport fishing program and formal competition. 

The founders of Scholastic Anglers are a team of professional educators and teacher-anglers with many years experience in conducting interscholastic sport fishing education and competition programs, activities, and events.  The Scholastic Anglers Program has proven itself conducive to schools, teachers, and students because it immediately appeals to student-anglers, impacts student-anglers, and connects student-anglers while keeping them positively involved with something at school. The Scholastic Anglers Program gives student-anglers an identity and recognition among the entire student body.  The program works at the individual school level as well as the interscholastic level.  

There is not a designated season for interscholastic sport fishing.  A school team can meet year-round and schedule a contest with another school at anytime, anywhere.  Scholastic Anglers provides a great opportunity for students to get involved with their school...just in case traditional athletics are leaving anyone out.  It also sets the stage for parents and the broader community to spend time together while cheering for their children at a school event.  For additional information, please contact 704-315-7071!  



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