To educate and prepare student-anglers for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through organized interscholastic sport fishing education and competition.

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Scholastic Anglers Challenge

The Scholastic Anglers Challenge is our easy-to-implement interscholastic sport fishing education and competition program.  This program can be implemented immediately in the classroom, before, during, and/or after school.  It is also a great outreach for parent nights!  The program provides student-anglers the opportunity to participate in organized sport fishing competition and creates a brand new interscholastic sporting activity.  Student-anglers can fish anywhere, anytime earning points from a wide variety of methods.  Point values are based on a variety of fish species, classroom projects/assignments, workshop/event/activity attendance, and other methods.

Scoring is based on a point system. Points begin to accumulate in September. You may register at a later time, your points begin upon your registration. Student-anglers are encouraged to earn as many points as possible through fish entries, classroom assignments/projects, and attending Scholastic Anglers events, activities, workshops, and tournaments.  Again, student-anglers may fish anywhere, anytime throughout the traditional school year entering their catches through the teacher-sponsor at their school.  There is a wide variety of school accomplishments to earn points as well.  These entries are entered through the same teacher-sponsor.

The top school will earn the
Scholastic Anglers School of the Year.  The Scholastic Angler of the Year will be awarded to the top student-angler.  The Scholastic Anglers Elite Eight will be awarded to the next seven (7) top scoring student-anglers.

To close out the academic year, all schools and student-anglers will have the opportunity to participate and compete in the Scholastic Anglers Championship!  Remember, you join at any point throughout the traditional school year.  It is never too late to
Put Your School's Pride On The Line!
New for the 2019-2020 school year and Scholastic Anglers Season there will be a one single, one day Scholastic Anglers Classic.  This event is backed by popular demand as many student-anglers are favorable to the one single day, winner takes all format. This new event will be held in conjunction with the Scholastic Anglers Championship.  In order to be eligible, participating student-anglers must meet all requirements in regard to the Scholastic Anglers Challenge.

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