To educate and prepare student-anglers for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through organized interscholastic sport fishing education and competition.

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The Scholastic Anglers mission offers student-anglers opportunities to learn lifetime skills of committment, sportsmanship, character development, responsibility, dedication, respect, self discipline, teamwork, and camaraderie through high standards of integrity, fairness, and ethical behavior.  Scholastic Anglers offers public, private, and home school student-anglers a chance to share in the enthusiasm, enjoyment, and excitement of school sporting and athletic activities.  Scholastic Anglers pledges to maintain a safe, courteous, fair, environment for the benefit of all student-anglers.  The Scholastic Anglers mission includes providing an educationally challenging and technologically rich educational and competition sport fishing program that will promote its vision, instill a sense of purpose, and inspire a passion for learning in each student-angler.  Scholastic Anglers will accomplish this mission by promoting interscholastic sport fishing among student-anglers and in the educational community giving opportunities for angling education and competition.


Student-anglers participating in the Scholastic Anglers Program will be recognized as athletic, sporting, and honorable members of the entire student body.  The Scholastic Anglers organization is based on mutual respect and cooperation both at the school and away...both on the water and in the classroom.  Scholastic Anglers events are exciting and professionally conducted by teacher-anglers for student-anglers.  By providing structure, information, and communication, Scholastic Anglers makes it easy for a school to begin interscholastic sport fishing.  By carrying out our vision, we will accomplish our mission to grow the sport, promote new fishing destinations, and reward and recognize the many student-anglers, representing multiple schools, we serve.