To educate and prepare student-anglers for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through organized interscholastic sport fishing education and competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scholastic Anglers?

Scholastic Anglers is an interscholastic sport fishing program providing an opportunity for student-anglers to compete individually and as a team.  It is an outreach program that relies upon teachers for implementation and schools for sponsorship.  Individually, student-anglers compete for the Scholastic Angler of the Year.  As a school team, "Your School's Pride Is on The Line!"  Yes, through sport fishing, school spirit and school pride develop a whole new meaning as schools compete for the Scholastic Anglers School Of The Year.  As student-anglers compete for these honors, they also have an opportunity to earn a spot in the Scholastic Anglers Elite Eight.

Why Scholastic Anglers?

Millions of people fish.  Millions are students enrolled in school.  Fishing is a universal and life long sport...anyone can participate...there are no size, gender, or ability limitations.  Sport fishing is now considered a regular school activity and the benefits are infinite.

The water is a great place to connect with people.  Fishing affords youth/adult interaction, strong friendly relationships, sportsmanship and ethics, memories for a lifetime, good plain fun, education, competition, and stewardship.  Scholastic Anglers can add value to your school program, curriculum, and overall educational process.  Student-anglers learn not only how to fish, but why this great recreational activity is so valuable and how to take personal responsibility for this critical aspect of their lives.


What does Scholastic Anglers do?

Scholastic Anglers is your official resource for tournaments, rules, standards, and ideas on how to implement a successful sport fishing program at your school and to provide a framework, structure and governance for uniform, organized sport fishing events.  Scholastic Anglers centralizes all of the planning and preparation while providing direction for making successful school fishing programs.

Leaving no stone unturned and covering every facet of interscholastic sport fishing events--sites, facilities, scheduling, pubilicity, promotion, sponsorships, donations/contributions, personnel, and equipment/supplies, Scholastic Anglers is committed to interscholastic sport fishing development and growth.

Who can conduct a Scholastic Anglers Program?

All Scholastic Anglers Programs must be school sponsored.  Schools can provide professional manpower and supervision as well as liability insurance.  Public, private, and home schools are eligible.  The Scholastic Anglers Program is specifically designed for student-anglers in grades six through twelve.

When and how do we register a Scholastic Anglers team?

Registration for the program is ongoing. Registration materials can be obtained at any time by contacting us by email or telephone (704-315-7071). With Scholastic Anglers, it is never too late to join in on the fishing action!  See Contact Us for email addresses and telephone numbers.  You may register at anytime, however, our schedule of events will begin the third Thursday in September and each third Thursday of each month thereafter.  Please see the calendar for scheduled events. Events may be added or deleted from time to time. Keep check of the calender!   Remember, any school may affiliate with Scholastic Anglers at any time and start with events already in progress and/or scheduled!

What information will my school need to submit an application for affilitation with Scholastic Anglers?

Your school will need to determine the specifics and logistics of your program including:  student registration, location, frequency,duration, time, and topics of school meetings/practices/events.  You will need to estimate the number of student-anglers that are expected to participate.  It may be helpful to know that a typical teacher-student class size ratio is an effective number.  You should also expect six to eight highly competitive student-anglers.  One student-angler and one teacher may represent a school with no maximums. Please note, it may become necessary to limit the number of students from each school that may participate in the Scholastic Angler Challenge at the end of the year. If it becomes necessary, it should be based on points for fishing and school projects, not meerely attending meetings!

What does Scholastic Anglers provide?

Scholastic Anglers provides your school an invaluable resource with much of the basics that you will need to conduct a successful Scholastic Anglers Program.  You will have access to essential items such as publicity materials, certificate awards, hand-outs, and goodies.  As you begin to conduct your own Scholastic Anglers sanctioned events, we will provide you with special prizes and incentives as available.  All Scholastic Anglers events will have a registration area (headquarters or command central).  This is the meeting point for all student-anglers, teachers, and parents.  This area includes the weigh-in stage, leaderboard, billboards to post rules and procedures, displays, banners, signage, posters, and concessions as available.

Where should we hold our Scholastic Anglers events?

Scholastic Anglers events should be held at localized parks and recreation facilities  where student-anglers have adequate supervised access to fishing waters.  Regular meetings/activities should be held on site at your school.  With new building codes and regulations, residential developers are now required to put in place neighborhood bodies of water.  These waters are ideal and convenient to fish.  As fish are caught, they are to be photographed and released back into the same body of water.  The fish are then entered into the Scholastic Anglers Challenge with points awarded according to species.

When should we hold Scholastic Anglers events?

Saturdays work best as parents, neighbors, friends, and relatives may have an opportunity to join the student-anglers.  Ultimately, the date will need to coincide with your local academic year calendar.  Keep in mind, Scholastic Anglers events blend in well with teacher workdays, before/after school, PTSO meetings and other school related functions.  Regular meetings/practices/activities are encouraged on a biweekly basis.

What time of day should we plan a Scholastic Anglers event?

Half-a-day Scholastic Anglers sanctioned events work well, however, times can be flexible to meet your school needs.  Regular meetings/activities are suggested to last a typical class period (45 minutes to one hour in length).

How do we get students interested?

Use promotional materials, signage, flyers, and newsletters to generate awareness among the student body.  Display these items throughout your school, on bulletin boards, in the cafeteria, hallways, and have your program included with your school's general announcements. Throughout the promotional period, provide specific details regarding the Scholastic Anglers Program and issue member applications with a specific deadline to be returned.

What does Scholastic Anglers do to help with our program?

Scholastic Anglers gives your school's program an identifiable title.  We provide support and resources for your program and want your program to succeed.  We also help you earn donations, contributions, volunteer support, and assist with fundraising issues.  Scholastic Anglers organizes the schedule of activities and events for the entire school year.  

What do the student-anglers need to participate in the Scholastic Anglers Program?

Generally, students-anglers should prepare to have their own tackle and equipment.  As your program becomes established, we will help with obtaining these items for less fortunate student-anglers and can provide prizes and incentives as available.  

What is a Scholastic Anglers event?

An event where student-anglers, their parents, friends, family, and cummunity can participate in fishing related activities that are competitive and educational.  By affilitiating with Scholastic Anglers, you can receive activity ideas, competition formats, etc.  These events generate awareness and excitement for interscholastic sport fishing.  Events consist of Scholastic Anglers Workshops, the Scholastic Anglers Tournament Series, and the Scholastic Anglers Championship.  The Scholastic Anglers Workshops will be held on the third Thursday of each month during the school year at Boater's Marine, Monroe, NC from 7:00PM until 8:00PM.  The Scholastic Anglers Tournament Series is an actual, official fishing tournament during each of the six grading periods.  The Scholastic Anglers Championship is the final event of the school year where the Scholastic Anglers School Of The Year, the Scholastic Angler Of The Year, and the Scholastic Anglers Elite Eight will be recognized on the grandest stage of them all...Bass Pro Shops!!!