To educate and prepare student-anglers for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through organized interscholastic sport fishing education and competition.

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Starting a Scholastic Anglers Program at your school is simple. When in doubt, Scholastic Anglers is only a phone call or email away.  To join in on the action, your school needs one teacher/sponsor and one student-angler with no maximums.  If you cannot find a teacher at your school that wants to participate, let us know.  Scholastic Anglers will make it happen for you to participate.  The student-anglers must be enrolled in grades six (6) through twelve (12) at any public, private, charter, or home school.  The Scholastic Anglers season runs throughout the entire academic year beginning on the third Thursday of September.  Schools then compete in the Scholastic Anglers Challenge, the Scholastic Anglers Tournament Series, the Scholastic Anglers Workshops, and ultimately, the Scholastic Anglers Championships.  Up for grabs is the Scholastic Anglers School Of The Year, the Scholastic Angler Of The Year, the Scholastic Anglers Elite Eight, and the all new Scholastic Anglers Classic.  

The link below provides some tricks of the trade for how to get started with Scholastic Anglers.  For additional information, please contact 704-315-7071.

How To Start A Scholastic Anglers Team (pdf)


For additional information, please contact 704-315-7071, or stay tuned to