To educate and prepare student-anglers for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through organized interscholastic sport fishing education and competition.

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This tab is dedicated to the student-anglers that makeup the Scholastic Anglers Program.  It is intended to highlight each of them as individuals and share a little more insight into who they are.  Each student-angler participating in the Scholastic Anglers Program has much to offer now as well as the path they choose to take as they move on through life.  Scholastic Anglers is dedicated to touching the lives of every student-angler every day.

These student-anglers are well-deserving in their efforts as they test the waters of interscholastic sport fishing.  Many will go on and pursue sport fishing as a future endeavor whether it be for recreation, competition, or simply a lifetime leisure pursuit.  Regardless, the most important aspect they can accomplish is to pass the fishing fever on to someone else now or as a well respected member of our society. 

Scholastic Anglers holds each student-anglers to the highest moral standards without exception.  It is our goal to mold and shape these fine young members of our student-body into an essential piece in the community they represent.  No matter what school, Scholastic Anglers is committed to establishing a brand new school sport for these student-anglers to participate in, to become recognizable at their respective school, to provide camaraderie among one another, to increase school spirit and school pride, to create memories for a lifetime, to initiate new rivalries, and to enhance long lasting traditions.

The following are Character Education traits that the Scholastic Anglers Program emphasizes throughout the entire school year.  This list is constantly added to and updated as the need arises.  Again, this list of Character Education traits is an ongoing work in progress.  The following are some Character Education trait examples that Scholastic Anglers maintains an ongoing focus throughout the entire school year:

preparedness        respect               responsibility        organization         safety first         resourcefulness      

kindness                perseverance     cooperation          self-control           honesty             forgiveness

dependability         accountability     positive                 integrity                healthy              patience

courage                 confidence          compassion          leadership            thankfulness     humbleness

humility                  fairness               purpose                loyalty                  wisdom              resilience

tolerance               commitment         dedication            determination       desire                drive

accomplishment    persistent

These student-anglers are testing the waters and Putting Their School's Pride On The Line!


Here is just a taste of what they are all about.


For additional information, please contact 704-315-7071 or stay tuned to as this tab will be an ongoing project.